What are the requirements to import goods to Mexico?

The importation of merchandise to Mexico requires compliance with a series of customs requirements and procedures. Below, we break down the crucial steps to legally and efficiently import products into this country.

1) Identificación del Producto

Before starting, it is essential to identify the product to import. Know the regulations applicable to your merchandise for a smooth process.

2) Documentación Aduanera

Prepare the necessary documentation: commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading and other documents required by Mexican authorities.

3) Clasificación Arancelaria

Assign a precise tariff code to your merchandise to accurately calculate taxes and duties.

4) Agente Aduanal

Hire a customs agent in Mexico, your expert guide for customs procedures.

5) Pago de Derechos e Impuestos

Make the payment of duties and taxes, including VAT and tariffs, to complete the importation in accordance with the law.

6) Despacho Aduanero

The customs agent will coordinate the clearance with the Mexican authorities, ensuring regulatory compliance.

7) Transporte y Distribución

Organizes internal transportation to distribute merchandise in an efficient and timely manner.

8) Cumplimiento Normativo

Be sure to comply with local regulations, including health and safety regulations, to avoid legal problems.

With this guide, you are ready to start your import process to Mexico in an informed manner and in accordance with current regulations. Remember to seek professional advice for a smooth process.


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