What types of imports exist in Mexico?

In the international trade panorama, Mexico stands out as an attractive destination to import a wide variety of products. One of the key decisions that importers must make is choosing between two main types of importation: temporary importation and permanent importation. Both options offer unique advantages and considerations that are important to understand before beginning the import process.

Temporary Import

Temporary importation is an option used to import goods into the country for a limited and specific period of time. This type of import is ideal for temporary activities such as trade exhibitions, sporting or cultural events, industrial fairs, product testing and demonstrations, among others. Additionally, temporary importation is used in cases where the imported goods are necessary for temporary manufacturing processes, such as assembly or equipment repair.

One of the main characteristics of temporary importation is that the goods must be re-exported out of the country at the end of the authorized period. This means that importers must ensure that they comply with the established deadlines and carry out the necessary procedures for re-export or renewal of temporary import permits, if necessary.

Final Import

On the other hand, definitive importation implies that the imported goods remain permanently in Mexican territory. This option is suitable for products that will be used regularly in the local market, whether for sale, distribution or use in production processes. Definitively imported goods are subject to payment of taxes and customs duties at the time of importation.

A significant advantage of definitive importation is that it allows importers to have continuous access to imported products without time restrictions. However, it is important to keep in mind that the definitive importation process can be more complex and expensive than temporary importation, due to the legal and fiscal requirements involved.

When choosing between temporary and permanent importation into Mexico, importers should carefully consider their business needs, timelines, and long-term objectives. It is advisable to seek professional advice and familiarize yourself with the customs and tax regulations applicable to each type of import to ensure a smooth process and comply with all legal obligations.


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